Our Mission: Improve lives by creating character awareness and initiating character development in all areas of community life.

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The West Michigan Character Council invites you to attend our monthly leadership coffee on the second Thursday of every month from 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the Eagle Building in downtown Holland (235 Central Ave, on the corner of 10th St. and Central Avenue, diagonal to Centennial Park).

Character Trait for July 2017:

Character matters!

This Year’s Character Values:

Jan:  Discipline                     Jul: Courage

Feb:  Tolerance                    Aug: Punctuality

Mar:  Enthusiasm                  Sep: Resilience

Apr:  Humility                      Oct: Dependability

May:  Alertness                    Nov: Wisdom

Jun:  Flexibility                   Dec: Compassion

The WMCC’s “Character Development through Cartoons Initiative” (CDCI)

Character Cartoon of the Month:

Welcome to the WMCC! We are a dedicated group of business people, teachers, city officials and community members who believe that strong positive character is absolutely vital to the future well-being of our region. Multiple studies in the last two decades make clear the role of character in success on an individual and organizational level. Our goal is to provide schools,  businesses and local organizations with the tools, materials and teaching they need to instill and reflect character values every day in all they do. We believe this is simply the most effective way to maintain and improve the quality of life in our area. Building character is a fun and rewarding adventure...we’d love

to have you join us!

This Month’s Character Award

A 2011 study of Ottawa County businesses showed that 8 of the 13 qualities new workers lack as they enter the workforce are character related. Schools are not actively teaching character values anymore. The WMCC saw this as both a challenge and a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life in our area by offering our schools a time-effective, fun way to incorporate character learning into the daily curriculum.

Starting in 2012 we began developing early learning graphic readers and flash cards that could be used to direct quick, memorable lessons around character values for Pre-K through 2nd grade students. We have received grants from the Community Foundation of the Holland and Zeeland Area, The Brooks Family Foundation, Meijer and the Perrigo Charitable Foundation, as well as cooperative development funding from Kids Hope USA.

Our goal with this CDCI is to create a 50 book series and two sets of 50 flash cards, distribute 3000 copies of each in our area and abroad, and then scientifically study the effect of these materials. We have one pilot study finished and another study planned for fall 2016. So far the results have been very promising. We have worked with the Community Foundation of the Holland & Zeeland Area, Kids Hope USA, Ready for School, The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, and VIP Research and Evaluation. We are interested in expanding the initiative with similar organizations in Kent County.


Confidence that what I have to say or do is true, right, and just.

- Earn a hearing

- Know the truth

- Stand for what is right

- Support others

  1. -Speak with humility

Cliff Eversman

Compassion:  Investing whatever is necessary

to heal the hurts of others.

The Summer of 2015 will be remembered for different things to different people.  To Brian White, Holland's Director of Transportation, and his street reconstruction team, 2015 will be remembered as the launch of the massive effort to establish snowmelt and possible district heat infrastructure down Central Avenue.  WIth the advent of the new natural gas power plant off Chicago Drive, snowmelt capacity will increase fivefold, but only if the appropriate pipe network is installed and ready to go by February, 2017...